Benefits of Using a Bagged Countertop Mix

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Concrete countertops have become a trend in the past few years, owing to the versatility and strength of concrete, as well as the vast possibilities that came with newer technology and chemical formulations that allow pigments or stains and concrete to work together. Pouring a concrete countertop on your own can be quite a challenge. The skills needed for concrete casting and designing will take some time to learn, but it is certainly possible given the right instruction and technique.

Before taking on design, you should make sure that the countertop mix that you create will blend perfectly in order to pour, flow, and fill well. Figuring out the perfect countertop blend is a skill in itself, and thats why bagged countertop mixes are available. These eliminate the problem of trying to create the perfect mix and instead let you focus on the casting and pouring. It saves a lot of time, effort, and worrying about whether the concrete mix will be strong enough to handle the abuse countertops deal with on a daily basis.

Bagged countertop mixes make sure that you achieve the right consistency for your countertop every time as long as you follow the manufacturers instructions and go by the ratio of mixing for the specific mixs need.

Concrete Countertop Solutions offers only the best-performing bagged countertop mixes. Z Counterforms White Countertop Mix is a high-strength concrete mix made with Portland cement, fine aggregates, and admixtures. The perfect blend of these materials ensures the absence of shrinking, and its ease of use is complemented by its high performance in terms of strength and durability, withstanding 9,200 psi at 28 days. It also has a fast cure time, which allows you to grind or polish the concrete 24 hours after casting.