Concrete Countertops are Ideal for Outdoor Patios

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Why Concrete Countertops are Ideal for Outdoor Patios

Posted on October 22, 2014

Youve got all of that space in your backyard, but are you putting it to good enough use? More and more, homeowners across the country are taking on projects to beautify and add functionality to their outdoor living spaces. If youve been considering doing the same for your home, then you should learn a little bit more about concrete countertops . While you may have heard of these being installed in kitchens and bathrooms, did you know that theyre the ideal choice for crafting outdoor bars and tables for your patio and pool deck?

One of the reasons that concrete countertops are so popular for outdoor environments is because of their durability. Unlike other materials that you might be considering for your outdoor bar, a concrete countertop can stand up to the harshest elements. Once its been properly sealed, you can spill just about anything you can think of on it, and it wont stain. Better yet, concrete countertops are incredibly impact and abrasion resistant, which means if the weather ever gets really rough, you can rest assured knowing that your concrete countertop will weather the storm unscathed.

But, thats just the functional aspect of a concrete countertop; the real appeal is in its aesthetic value. Because you can pour the concrete countertop yourself, youll be able to create whatever kind of look and feel that you want. Custom edges arent just a possibility; theyre a requirement, as are custom colors and styles, which can be achieved through the use of topical stains or integral colors . So, whatever design choices youre making out there, your concrete countertop can either blend in with or make your outdoor living space pop!

You mightve noticed that we mentioned how you can install a concrete countertop yourself. Did that tickle your do-it-yourself nerve? We sell an exclusive solution for installing concrete countertops called the Z Counterform Concrete Countertop System . With this, youll get everything you need to install a concrete countertop on your outdoor bar in the space of an afternoon. All youll need is some clear weather for while you work!

And, if you have any questions throughout the process, we have plenty of resources for you to use. We have a tremendous volume of instructional videos right here on our website - in addition to the free video we include with your order - and we have an online forum where you can talk to other do-it-yourselfers and contractors about your outdoor patio concrete countertop!?