Cost of Concrete Countertops


How much do concrete countertops cost? The short answer is concrete countertops can range from very inexpensive to moderately expensive. In either case they are a cheaper alternative to marble or granite tops. So why the large discrepancy in price? It comes down to whether you are willing to Do-It-Yourself, or whether you would like to hire a professional. By making it a DIY job, you can save thousands of dollars and do an entire moderate sized kitchen for under $1000. This can be compared to paying a professional $45 per sq. ft. and up. Fortunately for all the DIYers out there, there is a new forming system that makes forming and pouring concrete countertops affordable, quick, and most importantly, easy.Z Counterforms are a countertop form that was truly designed to allow you to build beautiful, cast-in-place, concrete countertops.With the patented Z Counterform you simply place 1/2" cement backer board on top of the cabinets, screw it down and fit the the Z Counterform to the edges and back wall. After the concrete has been poured and cured, you simply pull and snap off the Z Counterform to reveal a beautiful, smooth edge. It's that easy! Z Counterforms are the perfect DIY concrete countertop solution and can save you $1000's. Don't take my word for it. See what other people are saying about Z Counterform or view photos submitted by Z Counterform customers.

Z Liqui-Crete Calculator

Enter the square footage of countertop space (Length x Width). This is for standard Z Counterforms only (not Commercial or Pre-cast)

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