How To Make Concrete Countertops

Designing, fabricating and installing your new concrete countertops is not as complicated as you might think. Our innovative Z Counterform products simplify the process, and our step by step guides show you exactly how to achieve perfect results on each and every concrete countertop application.

How to make cast-in-place concrete countertops:

First, measure, cut and fasten the cement board to the top of your cabinets. Then, scribe, measure and cut the Z Counterforms to the appropriate length. Use the Z Counterform Edge Expert to hold the forms firmly in place while cutting. Attach the Z Counterform edge forms securely to the cement board substrate, taping all corners to ensure a tight joint.

Forming concrete countertop with Z Counterform

forming a concrete countertop with z counterforms

Install the knockouts for the faucet openings, using the optional self adhering sink forms for undermount sink installations or the backwall angles to create an opening for drop in sinks.

Fill in the entire countertop surface form with your concrete mix, ensuring the front edge of the Z Counterforms are completely filled, and add wire mesh to strengthen the countertop and prevent cracks. Vibrate forms thoroughly with a palm sander or pencil vibrator to remove any unwanted blemishes along the edge of the countertop.

Pouring a concrete countertop

As the concrete sets, you can use a steel trowel to finish the countertops and create a smooth finish surface. When the concrete is fully cured, remove excess concrete from the top of the form with the Z Gem Pad.

Last, simply snap off the Z Counterform to reveal your beautiful concrete countertop with custom edge forms.

concrete countertop made using Z Counterform

These tops are now ready for staining and sealing.

Z Liqui-Crete Calculator

Enter the square footage of countertop space (Length x Width). This is for standard Z Counterforms only (not Commercial or Pre-cast)

sq. ft.