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Z Ultra SI
Ultra SI is the most ground-breaking concrete sealer in this age of low VOC coatings. For decades, water based concrete sealers have been considered second ra
Z CounterformZ Ultra SI

Z Ultra SI


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Ultra SI is the most ground-breaking concrete sealer in this age of low VOC coatings. For decades, water based concrete sealers have been considered second rate to solvent based sealers despite slight improvements that have been made to them in terms of durability and gloss. The biggest drawbacks were, and, continue to be recoatability and the ability to enhance(wet out) the concrete surface like their solvent based counterparts. Even the most common solvent based acrylics will darken the surface nicely and can be recoated every couple years with minimal preparation and fuss. Solvent based sealers have come under fire the last few years due to their high VOC limits. Most states have enacted strict VOC limits of these products which have resulted in sealer manufacturers being forced to use special solvents that meet these requirements. These newer solvents make sealers much less user friendly and result in many more issues with the sealed surfaces in terms of blistering and improper cure. Even though water base sealers do not share these problems with solvent based sealers, they continue to be chosen last for the previous issues mentioned. Color enhancement and recoatibilty.

Ultra SI is the first waterborne decorative sealer that will actually enhance and wet out the surface like that of its fully solvent based counterparts! In fact Ultra SI will provide all the great characteristics that you are used to with your regular solvent based sealer without the less desirable traits. It mayvery well be the best decorative concrete sealer ever produced in terms of coverage, durability, and ease of use.

  • Coverage: 50 - 75 sq. ft. per qt on first application depending on porosity of concrete. Second coat can stretch 75-100 sq. ft.
  • Single coat coverage in many cases
  • Water clean up
  • Dry in an hour or so, full cure 24 hrs
  • Not for use on polished concrete.

It demonstrates:

  • Better coverage than acrylics
  • Increased durability
  • Superior chemical resistance
  • High heat resistance
  • Phenomenal UV resistance
  • Excellent against road salt and related chemicals

Ultra SI will darken the color of the concrete depending on the porosity.

**Concrete on left is sealed - concrete on right is untreated.

Ultra SI can be used to replace your current sealer and provide stellar results.

Ultra SI contains NO acrylic resins and instead, works through an advanced silicon technology that provides a permanent treatment protecting and preserving your concrete longer than any acrylic based sealer can possibly do. This concrete sealer will penetrate and chemically fuse just below and above the surface of the concrete. (Figure 1) This prevents to ability of water and other material to get below the surface and cause issues. This fused layer will also fill and heal small imperfections in the surface that would eventually lead to both aesthetic and physical imperfections in the surface. These imperfections can lead to color fade, concrete dusting, popouts, scaling, and even Cracks. (Figure 2) Standard sealers do not offer the level of protection that Ultra SI can provide. If applied properly it will never peel like atraditional sealer because it is more than just a plastic skin sitting on the surface.Regular acrylics rely solely on mechanical bonding. They are nothing more than a special melted plastic(acrylic) that cures out to a very thin skin when applied toconcrete and let dry. It eventually gives way to sun and weather exposure, breaks down and with time, flakes away. Ultra SI will not. Once chemically bonded into the surface it will not peel and flake away. It is a permanent treatment that will only wear away as the actual concrete wears. This sealer protection will continue to keep your concrete healthy down below even when the top layer eventually shows wear.

Do yourself a favor and protect your investment with the only decorative concrete sealer that will maintain the health and welfare of your beautiful hardscape. In addition to decorative concrete surfaces, Ultra SI is also an excellent choice for restoring the color of weathered pavers. It is very easy to apply, provides instant gratification and with minimal cleanup.

Fig 1. Ultra SI fuses a protective layer.
Fig 2. Help prevent unsightly issues like spalling.

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