Answers to your DIY concrete countertop project questions.

What products do I need? Do you sell a kit with everything?
A. Since every job is so different, all products have to be ordered individually. To help you figure out what you might need, we do have  a Product Guide and Information Page.

What is the difference between the Z Liqui-Crete add mix and the Z Counter-Pack add mix?
A. The difference between the two is the consistency of the mix. The Liqui-Crete is designed to use slightly more water, giving you a more flowable mix that will flow throughout the fiberglass mesh reinforcement. If you are using a more traditional reinforcement such as welded wire mesh, you will be better off with Counter-Pack. Both will achieve about 7500psi @ 28 days.

I ordered a Sink Form but I don't see it in my shipment. Does that ship seperately?
A. The Sink Form will come in the same package as the Countertop Edge Forms.

Which sealer should I use?
A. Z SiAcryl 14: Easy to apply penetrating sealer. Satin finish. Will not alter color of concrete or leave residue on concrete surface. Z Countershine Polish can be added to increase gloss. Only sealer recommended for outdoor countertops.

Z Aqua-Poxy: 2 part, easy to apply epoxy sealer. Semi gloss finish. Will slightly enhance coloring of countertop without darkening. Put on mulptiple coats to build up thick epoxy look.

Z-Poxy: 2 part traditional epoxy sealer. Not recommended for first time users. High gloss finish, will significantly darken countertop. Will give you thick wet epoxy look.

**All of our sealers are 100% countertop safe

. When can I snap off the forms?
A. The forms can be snapped off 24-48 hours after pouring.

When can I begin sanding?
A. You should wait 48 hours until you do any sanding or polishing.

When can I start staining my countertop?
A. You can begin staining 4 days after pouring

When can I seal my countertop?
A. If you are using the SiAcryl 14, you can begin staining 4-5 days after pouring. If you are using an epoxy sealer you must make sure the concrete is 100% cured. This can take as long as 28 days, however, on a slab this thick you will usually be safe after 10 days.

What are the Z-Counterforms made of?
A. Z-Counterforms are made of a proprietary mix of PVC.

How do I make corners?

A. Corners are simply mitered with an ordinary miter saw. Any angle can be easily achieved.

How is Z counterform removed once concrete has cured?

A. Because of Z counterform’s patented design simply pull the form forward and it will snap clean revealing a smooth edge.

Q. Are Z-Counterforms re-useable?
A. No, because the tab under the concrete top stays in place when you snap off the Z-Counterform.

How do you ship and where does it come from

A. https://www.concretecountertopsolutions.com/articles/shipping-information

Can I return items that I have purchased?

A. http://concretecountertopsolutions.com/returnpolicy