Z SiAcryl 14 (Sealer)

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Z SiAcryl 14 (Sealer)
1 qt. (946ml) per bottle. Will cover approximately 75-100 sq ft @ 3-4 coats ______________________________________________________________________________________
Z CounterformZ SiAcryl 14 (Sealer)

Z SiAcryl 14 (Sealer)

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Item #: SA-001

Brand: Z Counterform

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1 qt. (946ml) per bottle. Will cover approximately 75-100 sq ft @ 3-4 coats


Z SiAcryl 14 is an ultra high performance water based penetrating sealer formulated for use on concrete countertops. When applied and cured , Z SiAcryl 14 will repel most food and beverage products, such as lemon juice, vinegar, mustard and red wine. After application, Z SiAcryl 14 will exhibit a very natural low luster finish with very little incidental darkening. Best chosen when looking for a more natural look compared to traditional heavy coatings. SiAcryl 14 may not provide the same level of protection as an impermeable topical coating such as our Aqua-Thane or Aqua-Poxy products. If a higher gloss finish is desired, Z Counter-Shine can be applied over Z SiAcryl 14. Safe for outdoor use and 100% countertop safe.

Warning: Do not stick tape to sealed countertop surface. Many tapes (including popular brands of blue painters tape) have acrylic in the glue that will chemically bond to the acrylic in the sealer and can cause delamination. If this happens, these areas can normally be sanded and spot fixed.


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